Three Information Technology Experts Get Nobel Physics

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel physics prize winners: Britain's Charles Kao, Willard Boyle and
George Smith. photograph: Reuters and NAE

A pioneer of fiber optic and two scientists who found the way to change light become electronic signals – work that opened way to internet era – achieved Nobel Prize in Physics 1009 on Tuesday October 6, 2009. Charles Kao, Willard Boyle, and George Smith get this reward because created two tools that help information technology revolution. Kao is United States of America citizen who born in Shanghai wins a half of 10 million krona prize (US$ 1.4 million)for his research that makes a breakthrough in optic fiber used. That research opened way to continue light for long distance by fiber optic glass. Wilard Boyle and George smith also US citizen shared another half of prize because created first image technology that used a digital censor. “Nobel prize for physics this year give to two scientific reached. These findings help for created foundation for network that makes people connected each other,” says spokesman Scientific Academy of Sweden Kingdom. Kao get award because his work about fiber optic in 1996 that showed how to transmission light for long distance via fiber optic cable. This work became backbone for modern communication network that at this time realized in telephone connection and high speed internet connection to all over the world. Boyle and Smith work together created charged-couple device (CCD), semiconductor image circuit that became eye for digital camera. In 1969, they are work for Bell laboratory and designed an image censor that can be used to change light to pixel in short time.


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